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New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator Co-hosts “Investing in Innovation” Forum together with Asia Society and Bay Area Council

On November 15th, 2017, co-organized by Silicon Valley Global (SVG) and New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator with the Asia Society and Bay Area Council, the “Investing in Innovation: Emerging Trends in China” forum was held in Santa Clara, California. The forum gathered more than 100 experts and scholars from all over the Bay Area, investors and representatives of government from all sectors.


The forum had extensive and in-depth discussions on China's future technological innovation and what it means to Silicon Valley, China's investment development trends in California and China's real estate investment in U.S. During the event, the Asian society and the Bay Area Council released the latest analysis reports respectively on the recent state of investment in both California and China and China's innovation. The report shows that China's innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and e-commerce is already at the leading level in the world. However, China's current innovation is mainly incremental innovation. The full and in-depth innovation in science and technology remains to be further developed. The participating experts expressed that if China can introduce various innovative ideas and innovative cultures, combined with its own national conditions and advantages, it will surely create a new era of innovation. 


As an invited guest of the event,Dr. Cindy Cui, Chairman of SVG and the president  New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator, gave a keynote speech on China-US investment in high-tech industries and the current state of China’s Innovation. Dr. Cui expressed that many entrepreneurs and investors in China are very much looking forward to learning and introducing the advanced technology and innovative concept of Silicon Valley, and many enterprises in the United States also want to have more knowledge about China so that they can enter the Chinese market. Thus, SVG and the New Silicon Valley offshore incubator are hoping to make more contribution in these areas. During the panel discussion, guests also held lively discussions on the commonalities and differences between China and the United States on incubators, their functions and the contributions they have made in promoting innovation in science and technology and management. In the subsequent questions and answers session, Dr. Cui was asked about her perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship in China. She said China is strong in innovation and entrepreneurship and has a strong momentum of development. However, there is still a gap between China and Silicon Valley. Therefore, she hopes through organizations like New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator to make positive contributions to the innovation and development of China.


Representatives attended the forum expressed that the topic of the forum is genuinely novel and comprehensive, and the invited guests are also all relevant experts and senior representatives in the field, so they gained a lot from the forum. SVG and New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator will host more events like this in the Bay Area in the future to bring together experts and business leaders from all walks of life to contribute to the common development of both China and the United States.


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