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Dongguan Delegation and Silicon Valley Dongguan Entrepreneurs Association Visited New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator

On August 23, 2018, a delegation led by Mr. Meiliang Wu, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan, Guangdong, visited New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator. Dr. Cindy Cui, Chairman of the New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator; Mr. Newell Arnerich, Mayor of Danville City, California and Mr. Zuoyu Shi from Dongguan Silicon Valley Overseas Innovation Center attended the reception.


Dr. Cui greeted the delegation with a warm welcome and briefly introduced Silicon Valley Global and New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator. As a platform for real-time linkage of investment, incubation and communication between China and the United States, Silicon Valley Global and New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator serve high-quality enterprises, institutions, organizations, investors, etc. from China and the United States, enabling the parties to share recourses in an innovative and collaborative work environment. Later, the delegation visited the headquarter of the New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator and the companies the Incubator incubated such as EducationX, RockLeap International, and a few other companies which set up their offices at the Incubator.   

Mr. Keliang Zhu from DeHeng Law Office of Bay Area gave a lecture about the trend of US intellectual property protection under the new situation in China and the United States, and suggested that Chinese companies need to strengthen their awareness of intellectual property protection and compliance of the products entering the US market.


Mayor Newell introduced the status and features of the economic development of San Francisco Bay Area and Tri-Valley. He emphasized the unique advantages of San Francisco Bay Area, including more than 80 universities, over 40 research institutions and headquarters of several large enterprises, which provided the basis of research and innovation for the rapid economic development of Bay Area.

Dr. Cui and the delegation exchanged ideas and agreed to cooperate on the investment and development of Dongguan entrepreneurs in the United States. Deputy Director Wu also said that through this event, he had a deeper understanding of the US intellectual property policy and the economic development of the Bay Area. He believed that innovation and technology were the core and driving force of U.S.-China cooperation.

On the night, Dr. Cui and the delegation attended a welcome dinner hosted by Mr. Wu, a successful Dongguan entrepreneur, in his home in the Bay Area. Everyone gathered together to share the food and wine, and made plans for future cooperation between New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator and Dongguan entrepreneurs.

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